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Hip Resistance Circle Band

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Fitdanyx hip resistance band! For every fitness enthusiasts! Get your workout to the next level, anywhere with our new hip circle band designed for both men and women at any fitness level. Get faster results only with Fitdanyx hip circle band, a super effective hip band for a targeted toning session that you can do at home, in the gym or when you travel. Built a better booty with various movements and exercises that can be done with Fitdanyx hip resistance band. Have that beach body you dream of! Benefits: Pre-workout! Warming up before a workout is essential in reducing injury and maximizing your session by activating muscles you intend on work. Fitdanyx resistance hip band helps activate glutes, hamstrings or abductors prior to your workout helping you stay injury free. During workout! Add extra tension to your exercises like leg press, heavy squats, weightlifting or air squats to intensify your session. Effectively work on those legs and booty while maintaining proper form. Increase strength and performance! Post workout! Fitdanyx fabric exercise band helps relieve muscles and practice deep stretch for a better range of motion and less fatigue. Great for ✔️Squats ✔️Weighted Squats ✔️Air Squats ✔️Hip Thrusts ✔️Glute Bridge ✔️Side Walking ✔️Thighs Workout ✔️Hip Abduction ✔️Exercises Leg Press Fits in any workout ✔️Weightlifting ✔️CrossFit ✔️Powerlifting ✔️Pilates ✔️Yoga ✔️Aerobic ✔️Recovery Sessions ✔️Warmups We promise you: ▪️high-quality ▪️non-slip design ▪️soft finish ▪️portability ▪️durability What you’ll get: 1 Hip Resistance Band 1 Figure 8 Heavy Toner Resistance Exercise Band 1 Carrying Pouch 1 Printed Hip Resistance Band Exercise Guide 

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