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HQS Copper Grill Mat Set of 2 - Non-stick BBQ Grilling & Baking Sheets- Golden Grill Mats Reusable & Easy to Clean - For Charcoal, Electric and Gas Grills, As Seen On TV + FREE BBQ/Grill Re...

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Copper Grill Mats - 2 Pack Set Grill your meat, veggies, without using cooking oil. The magic tray mat sits right over your grill grates preventing your food from falling through the cracks! Our prime grill sheets work with any kind of barbecue grills. Use it every day for charcoal grill, propane, gas grill, pellet and electric grill or can be used as a baking mat or bake pan liner. Our red Copper Chef Grill Mat is thicker than most silicone mats to last you years, but thin enough to see your grill marks in your steak! Features: ▶Cooking/frying without oil or fats more healthy ▶SGS & FDA approved, BPA Free ▶ Easy to clean and dishwasher Safe ▶ Reusable ▶ Thermal fireproof heat resistance up to 500F (260C) ▶ 100% Non-stick ▶ Foods retain more vitamins and minerals ▶ Does NOT absorb odors or transfer flavors ▶ Used for indirect cooking on Gas,Charcoal and Electric Grills ▶ Set of 2 Mats,15.75" x 13" + FREE BONUS - BBQ recipes (will be sent by email) Instructions: Copper grill mats cannot be in contact with an open flame and need to be far enough above an open heat source that they aren't exposed to temperatures above 500F. This is not a shortcoming of the product. Limit of 500F degrees as specified by the FDA for all nonstick cookware. Chef recommends barbecuing between 300F and 400F. Always wash your mats immediately after use. Soak the sheet in soapy water for a while or longer and then wipe them clean. TIP - if something you're cooking is sticking to the mats use the soft side of a scrub pad to scrub it off. The longer it's on there the harder it will be to remove. Put the mats in your dishwasher, on the top rack and run it on hot. Usually, that will remove any stubborn residues. Caution: Do not use it directly over open flame Do not use sharp metal objects or utensils as they could scratch the mat

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