Hydrogel Eyes Mask Removing Dark Circles and Eye Bag (10 pieces) Campaign

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Hydrogel Eyes Mask Removing Dark Circles and Eye Bag,Eliminating Edema and Crow's-feet, Moisturising ,Anti Wrinkle,Premium Anti Aging Products with Hyaluronic Acid (10 pieces)

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VEEKO FOXEYES Exclusive Cured Eye Treatment Mask in New - Take care of your eyes overall. How to use it? 1. Please clean your face and pick a piece of VEEKO eye treatment mask from package. 2. Tear transparent film and stick eye treatment mask on your eyes accurately. 3. Take down eyelid masks after 10 minutes and stick them on forehead or angulus oris. 4. Wait for 20-30 minutes to absorb essence of eye mask completely. 5. Take down eye treatment mask and massage the skin around your eyes. What is his effect? • Relieving eyestrain quickly • Diluting dark circles and Modifying dull skin around eyes • Firming up the eyelid • Tightening fine lines around eyes if you use it insistently • Moisturizing the skin around eyes • Diminishing forehead wrinkles with eyelid mask • Diminishing nasolabial folds with eyelid mask Why you choose us? • The first eye mask with jaw-dropping beauty is sold on Amazon.com • It can take care of your eye comprehensively. • You can do whatever you want with it, which hydrogel film clings to your eyes, but you can not exercise strongly with it. • VEEKO eye treatment mask is not only a eye mask but also a facial protector. • We offer a 30-Day Money Back guarantee to our consumers. If the eye mask is useless, we will to return you. • Only sell $17.99 on Amazon.com(usually$27.99). If you love it, please add to cart.

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