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iBaseToy Halloween Referee Costume Whistle With Lanyard Stainless Steel Metal With Storage Box

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Are you finding it hard to communicate with your sports students? Are you a coach and looking for the perfect way for your instructions to be heard, loud and clear? This iBaseToy whistle with lanyard is just the perfect solution you have been seeking to get! It is stress-free and great for coaches and referees alike, the demonstrative shrill cuts through crowd noise and player chatter with ease. This coach whistle is a very small whistle and is not heavy duty. It is the perfect whistle for emergency or outdoor sports with your children. You can carry this whistle in your pocket easily and have it ready if need be. This stainless whistle will work like a charm. The lanyard is sturdy and very. Durable Stainless Coach Whistle Are you a coach or referee, even a lifeguard, security officer, or just someone who needs to be heard, this whistle will do the trick. Cut through crowd noise, direct large groups, and get things done. This whistle is designed with long-lasting stainless steel that will never rust; they're built to last for a very long time, from one game time to another game time from one season to another season. Wear them hands-free on the braided lanyard, or detach them for easy access and quick pocket storage. Trilling and Best coach Gift/present This iBaseToy referee whistle also serves as the perfect gift option for goody bags or giveaways at sporting events. Show some love!! Get this high functioning whistle for your coach as a Christmas present and earn his unending love! What are you waiting for? CLICK THE YELLOW BUTTON AND ADD TO CART and Get the attention you deserve with this coach's whistle!

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