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Ice Cube Tray Mold with No-Spill Lid BPA Free Silicone Ice Ball Mold (Filling Funnel Included) XYUN Easy Release Ice Tray Mold Make 6 Large Ice Balls and 15 Ice Cubes for Whiskey Cocktail or Baby F...

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Most popular combination of ice tray molds 6 giant ice balls and 15 ice cubes plus a filling funnel, this is the best combination on the market To enjoy your chilled wines slowly, giant ice balls would be suitable because they last longer in your drinks To get chilled beverage in a short time, ice cubes would be better. Cocktail, Whiskey or beverage, ice cubes always make them taste better One set for 2 types of ice, will meet all your needs under different conditions Give your body a pickup! It's never too cool to drink a cup of chilled water in the morning! You can never be too relaxed to drink a cup of chilled Whiskey at night! Give your body a pickup and make yourself refreshed and relaxed throughout the day! DIY ice pops for your family Ice ball mold and ice cube tray can be used for DIY ice pops at home Enjoy the joyfulness and healthy ice pops created by our ice tray molds Tips: 1.Density of water is different with that of ice. So, squeeze out a little bit of water from the mold to help to avoid leakage and keep your freezer clean 2.Press the edge around the ice ball mold before you put the mold into the freezer. It enables you to make perfect giant ice balls 3.For better user experience, wash the ice mold tray with warm soapy water before the first use to clean the release agent left by the molding process and eliminate any residual taste What's in the package? 1*Ice ball mold 1*Ice cube tray 1*Plastic funnel

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