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INFINA USB Voice Recorder - Thumb Drive Digital Audio Recorder - Rechargeable Recordable Pen - Flash Drive Dictaphone - for Students College Lectures Interview Kids (X10)

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Product Details
INFINA Voice Recorder - A world of recordable moments in your pocket 2-in-1: - Voice recorder - USB flash drive Recorder Can be used in any place: - College classes, school lectures - Meetings, - Interview Features: No light on while recording. . Easy to use - to start: slide the voice recorder's switch on and it starts recording after a few seconds - new recording: turn it off and on again - playback: plug in headset - charge: plug into computer/laptop - timestamped Important Tips: 1. The audio recorder cannot record if headphone is plugged in. 2. The device can only play recordings or music when headphone is plugged in. 3. If your computer cannot play the files, you need to install VLC player for Windows or Mac. 4. Power off the usb voice recorder before charging. 5. For Time Stamping, if the dictaphone is completely discharged you need to sync the time to your computer again. 6. If your usb voice recorder missed the "Settime" folder you can reach us or visit our website to download the files.

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