iPhone 7 Plus Case, iPhone 8 Plus Case, Kasawa Marble Pattern (Shiny Peach Gold) Campaign

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iPhone 7 Plus Case, iPhone 8 Plus Case, Kasawa Marble Pattern Slim Fit Flexible Glossy Soft TPU Rubber Silicone Phone Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 8 Plus (Shiny Peach Gold)

Campaign ID: C105235
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Product Details
Q1: Which phone model is the case compatible with?  A: It is compatible with Q2: Does this support wireless charging? A: Yes, it supports wireless charging. Q3: Will this case support wireless charging with the case on?  A: Yes, it supports wireless charging without taking off the case. Q4: will a pop socket stick to it? A: Yes, it definitely will.  Q5: Is this flexible tpu or hard plastic?  A: The case is made by soft tpu material, you can install or remove it easily. Q6: Will it work with the ring stand holder? A: Yes, this case can work with the ring stand holder.  Q7: Does this case cover the buttons on the sides? A: Yes, it covers the sides. Q8: Do I need to take off the case when I want to charge my iPhone?  A: You don't need to take it off if you charge the phone by standard iPhone charger;  non-Apple charger which is much bigger then you will have to take it off. Q9: Does this case fit snugly on the iPhone or is it pretty loose?  A: It fits perfectly and not loose at all. Q10: Does the case have a lip to protect the camera and screen? A: Yes, the edge around the camera and screen is higher and will protect your screen and lens from scratches.

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