Iridesi Red Glass Fingernail Files Large and Small w/ Case Campaign

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Iridesi Red Glass Fingernail Files Large and Small w/ Case

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Product Details
Iridesi Red Glass Fingernail Files, made from etched glass with a beautiful red box and red carrying case. Large and small file included.
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET, two crystal glass emery boards, one that is 5 and 1/2 inches long and the other that is 3 and 1/2 inches long. The width is 1/2 an inch and 3 mm thick. Each file will be pointed and the grit will be on both sides. The grit is very fine which is perfect for finishing natural nails or artificial ones. This nail filer can be used as a buffer but you will need a smoother grit to create a shine.
    NO ADHESIVE TO PEEL AWAY FROM THE BOARD, You don't have to worry about parts of this salon board tool coming off. There is no foam or plastic to come apart. It is completely solid glass. These items can even be used on the feet for a pedicure or other toenail grooming care needs on your foot. Your toenails will have a natural clean look Heavy duty enough to work on large or small dogs as well. Great for pets.
    NOT TOO COARSE FOR NATURAL NAILS, WILL NOT TARE OR BREAK NAILS UP. A disposable nailfile that is too rough is not ideal. When other finger nail files start at 100 or 180 we start out at a finer buffing grit of 320. You want a fingernail file that glides away material instead of shredding it to pieces and we want to make sure you get that. This set of two nail files and buffers have a case included for each and are a convenient size for easy travel.
    NO PARTICLE SHEDDING. ETCHED GLASS is a must for any glass emory board. The grit is created directly into to glass so the nail filers will last a very long time if used correctly. No more messy black particles all over the place. Get this Iridesi nail filing and buffing system in your home and experience the difference. Perfect buffers for men and women or a valentines day gift for best friend girl.
    WASHABLE, EASY TO CLEAN, WATERPROOF. We recommend using isopropyl alchohol to clean your nail file supplies. A couple sprays will do the trick. You may also brush the file lightly with a manicure brush to clean out any stuck on material. Feel free to soak these if desired. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase the manufacturer, Spivler Enterprises LLC. for a hassle free resolution. Click Add To Cart.

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