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Kllarmant Night Light for Kids, USB Rechargeable Soft Silicone Nursery Lamp, Touch Control, 7 Colors Single/Changing Mode for Kids, Baby, Children, Girls

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FEATURES 1. Tap control 2. 7 static colors 3. three different light modes 4. BPA-Free soft silicone 5. Its starfish-like shape looks lovely and comfortable 6. Built-in battery for 12-hour portable use SPEC Material: ABS + Silicone input: DC5.0V1.0A Power: 0.15W weight: 238g Battery Capacity: 1200mAH size: 6.3inch*6.3inch*4inch Package includes: 1x Kllarmant Night Light 1x usb Charging cable 1x Product manual INSTRUCTIONS 1. Turn the switch on, and the lamp gives out dim light. Tap it to change to bright light, and tap it again to switch. 2. It has a three-stage lighting mode (dim light, bright and colorful). It can change shining colors once being tapped. 3. Colorful light mode: The lamp can give out light with five colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink). Being tapped eighth, it will gradually change shining colors. Being tapped ninth, it will be turned off. 4. To charge the Lucky-star Lamp, connect one end of a USB line to a computer or an adapter and the other to the input interface of the lamp. Once the lamp is under charging state, it will light up automatically and go off when it is fully charged. ATTENTION 1. Please restore the product original shape before using it. 2. Carefully read this instruction manual before using the product. 3. Never allow children to disassemble this product on their own so as to prevent them from swallowing parts. 4. In case the light dims or the product becomes insensitive to tapping, please charge it to solve the problem which is probably caused by low battery. 5. Do not disassemble this product yourself. Avoid violent vibration or squeezing. Prevent it from being exposed to sunlight or rain. Never contact it to corrosive substances, such as chemicals, detergent and so on.

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