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Large Pyramid Silicone Jewelry Mold DIY Spherical Silicone Mold Making Tool for Polymer Clay, Crafting, Resin Epoxy, Jewelry Making

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Feature: High-quality silicone, safety, high Flexible, full transparency, Super easy to de-mold Fill the entire mold about 1200 grams of resin, You Can Make Any Size Below 15.7cm artworks Be careful to place the silicone mold insert into the plastic shell accurately, Make sure all sides are flush. Pour alcohol into the outer shell make it easy The mold used to create the fantastic pyramid-shaped artwork, Mold is reusable GUARANTEE: We Offer 100% No Risk Money-Back Guarantee If You'Re Not Thrilled With Your Purchase For Any Reason Package: 1 pcs large pyramid silicone mold

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