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LAVIOR D-CARE Diabetic Wound Gel

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LAVIOR D-CARE Natural All-In-One Diabetic Wound Treatment Gel is specifically formulated for Diabetic Skin Conditions. D-CARE is an exceptional skincare gel that soothes and treats Skin Sores, Foot/Leg Ulcers, Pressure Sores, Wounds, Dry, Rough, Cracked or Damaged Skin. It works as a biofilm disruptor to dissolve the biofilm associated with Chronic Diabetic Wounds.
LAVIOR D-CARE is a Natural Steroid-Free topical treatment for Diabetic Ulcers.

  • Clinically Proven Wound Healing Gel for Diabetics: Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antifungal and Antiseptic Properties
    First Line of Defense: Prevents Wounds, Ulcers
    Infection Control: Eliminates Bacteria and Targets Infections
    Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces Swelling, Inflammation, Redness and Discomfort
    Relief: Fast-Acting and Long Lasting Pain Relief
    Biofilm Disruptor: Dissolves the Biofilm associated with Chronic Diabetic Wounds
    Lower pH: Helps to Lower Overall Wound pH, Beneficial for Wound Healing
    Auto-Debridement: Provides Auto-Debridement by Softening the Eschar (Scab) and Stimulating the Circulation
    Amputation Prevention: Minimizes the Risk of Foot Amputation by Healing Stage 1-3 Foot Ulcers
    Regeneration: Supports Faster Skin Repair and Regeneration
    Healing Time: Promotes Faster Healing

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