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LED Light Gloves- Halloween Glowing Gloves, with 6 Lighting Modes and Replaceable Batteries, Perfect for Halloween Dress Up and Weekend Parties, Stunning Strobe Gloves Help You Stand out

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Diverse Color DisplayThe LED Lighting Gloves carry 5 color strobes which include red, blue, green, white and yellow. These strobes were divided into three groups, group 1 is the red light, group 2 is the combination of blue and green strobes, white and yellow strobes form the group 3. Beside 3 groups, our glowing gloves got 3 more light up modes. There are breathing strobe, flashing mode and fully light up. Basing on such variation of lighting combinations, the gloves will be an aid on showing your own style! Halloween Dress Up AidIf you are preparing your Halloween dress, these LED gloves can be your last piece of jigsaw! Switching between different colors and strobe modes by pressing the button on the gloves, it is really easy to make your Halloween dress stunning! Or perhaps you are not into customs, these LED lighting gloves can help you take part in the ambience of Halloween while you do not need to “dress up”. Harmless material and specificationThese glowing gloves were made of Polyester, which is stretchable. The LED gloves can be used by a wider range of people since they are stretchable. For the safety of you and your child, we made sure any harmful material was never used in the production. You would never worry about the use of these glowing gloves can raise illness or allergy. The hidden batteries designOur LED gloves contain a hidden space for the batteries box, where the batteries are included for your purchase. The design makes the appearance cleaner and less complicated, as the surface was simplified, the strobe lights will be brighter! Moreover, the hidden design would never raise difficulty for replacing the batteries because the use of Velcro, which allows you to take the battery box out easily.

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