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Lightning Charger Cable Saver | MacBook iPhone Micro USB Protector | PC / Notebook Charging Cable Saver. Snug Fit For All Cell Phones, Computers, and Chargers. Protect Your Investment. (Gray -4pcs)

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Product Details
- COMPLETELY PROTECT ALL CABLES: Twist Cable Protectors are designed with highly flexible silicone to completely protect cables for all devices including, cell phones, computers, laptops, apple / android watches, lightning cables, pc's, the list goes on and on. PREVENT YOUR CABLE ENDS FROM EVER BREAKING OR DETACHING AGAIN.
- FEELS GOOD TO THE TOUCH: Besides protecting all Your USB cables / cords, the twist feels surprisingly nice and is fun to install on any wires end. Yet, even better, the twist looks super cool. It doesn't get any better than this!
- DID WE MENTION: The Twist Cable protector works with virtually all computer and cellphone cables.
- TIRED OF REPLACING YOUR LIGHTNING CABLES: Twist is your permanent fix to all those damaged lightning cables. Save money by protecting Your investment.
- One-STEP INSTALLATION: Step 1, twist "Twist" onto Your preferred cable. The Twist will wrap around any wire just like a protective sleeve would but with more mobility.

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