LIUMY LM5005 Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Tester Campaign

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LIUMY LM5005 Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000 Counts Tester Non Contact Voltage Detection Auto-ranging Amp Ohm Volt Multi Meter Temperature, Live Line, with LCD Backlight

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Categories: Electronics
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Product Details
- ACCURATELY MEASURES: Voltage, current, resistance, diode, continuity, and more.
- HELPFUL TROUBLESHOOTING: Use it to safely and accurately troubleshoot automotive and household electrical issues
- NCV SENSITIVE TEST: If AC voltage detected, the LED lights will shine according to the signal density (low, medium, high), the beeper sounds at different frequencies to indicate. If strong signal, red light brights, high sensitivity.
- MEASURE SAFETY: Confirm to the security requirements of 600V CAT IV 1000V CAT III , Ceramic Fuse & Thermistor protection circuit provide you the HIGHEST SECURITY during the working.
- BACKLIGHT DISPLAY: large digital display with backlit LCD for visibility in dimly light areas

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