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Long-lasting Eye Liner Pencil Makeup Tools

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  • The Wing Eyeliner Stamp in Petite 8mm is the smallest stamp of our collection, measuring 8mm in size for a subtle and sophisticated winged cat eye look. No need to dip into ink or line with liquid, The Wing Eyeliner Stamp is pre-loaded with ink so you can stamp, line and go!
    Say goodbye to wonky eyeliner and hello to perfect wings with The Wing Eyeliner Stamp, the revolutionary makeup tool that takes the stress (and time) out of the perfect winged eyeliner look! Unlike other brands, The Wing Eyeliner Stamp features a pre-loaded Left and Right ink stamp for both eyes as well as a bonus felt tip eyeliner pen on both stamps! The Wing Eyeliner Stamp creates a flawless flick that is beautiful and on point every time.
    Directions: Nailing your eyeliner has never been easier. Simply stamp where desired and use the eyeliner pen to fill in and shape.
    Storage: Please store your Quick Flick horizontally to ensure even ink flow to the stamp. Shake before use. Do not expose to heat.
    Finish: Intense Black. 100% Waterproof and Smudge-proof.

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