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Longfit Sports Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve-Pain Relief For Tendonitis,Weightlifting,Tennis and Golfers Elbow

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WHY CHOOSE LONGFIT ?I am introducing the longfit new compression knee sleeve with newest 3D technology. This is a very lightweight elbow brace compression sleeve. So you can wear it while lifting,golf or playing any sport (basketball, soccer, volleyball, you name it). The material is so soft and comfortable that makes you feel like you are not wearing anything. At the same time, your elbow are provided with great protection. Also, this is very lightweight and keeps the pressure off to prevent sprains or accelerate recovery. This elbow brace can also help relieve the pain by reducing the pressure on the elbow. From mostly Nylon and Spandex Material. Its also non-slip so that you make sure that it never slips while you do some exercise . Finally, no Neoprene so no worries about any allergic reactions. Features: Quantity: 1 single piece Material: Nylon, High elasticity latex thread, Spandex, Silicone Color: Black Size: S/M/L/XL Packing:1 Single Piece elbow ProtectorSize : S 9.75inch * 3.75inch * 2.75inch M 10.5inch * 4inch * 3inch L 10.75inch * 4.75inch * 3.5inch XL 11.5inch * 5.25inch * 3.75inch

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