Lowra Rouge Ionic Hair Dryer (Grey) Campaign

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Lowra Rouge Ionic Hair Dryer - Low Radiation Hairdryer for Women Kids, Negative Ion Small Lightweight Foldable for Travel - 1000 Watt (Grey)

Campaign ID: C123934
Categories: Hair Products
Shipping Method: Amazon (FBA or FBM)
Retail Price: $69.99 $48.9
Hashtag: #hairdryer

Product Details
Brand: Lowra rouge
Product ID: CL-101
Consumed power: 1000W
Frequency: 50HZ
Color: Pink ,Blue ,Gray
Weight: 340g (with nozzle)
Wire length: 2m
Size: 140*65*215(L*W*H) 
Brief Introduction:

Three level adjust to switch
Constant temperature wind, bioceramics
Safety cover
Can be folded and stored lightly
Exquisite packaging, generous brief introduction

1 Prevent hair from entering into the rear exhaust inlet when you are using the dryer
2 The nozzle in use or right after use is in high temperature,and please do not touch it.
3 When the blow-off nozzle is blocked or the exhaust inlet has accumulated dust, thus causing high temperature, the dryer will automatically stop running as the       thermostat starts. Wait until the temperature falls, and then remove the exhaust inlet shield to clean the interior before use
4 Please avoid long-time continuous use(more than15- 30 minutes)
5 Please avoid falling or collision of the dryer
6 Please do not spray water on it Please do not use it with wet hands or in the bathroom
Hair dryer*1
Substitutive filter screens*3

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