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Luxury organic bamboo hooded baby towel and washcloth | extra thick 650gsm, ultra soft and super absorbent | extra large for comfort and faster drying | perfect baby shower gift for boy or girl

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Designed by parents, approved by families As parents ourselves, we found some shortcomings with the standard baby bath towel, so we decided to make improvements to create this luxury towel set. With Cehuaro, luxury comes as standardCrafted from 650 gsm bamboo fabric, our towels are sumptuously soft and thick. This provides better cushioning for baby's comfort, and higher absorbency to dry body and hair quickly and with minimal rubbing. The result is less irritation and a baby who is dry quicker, clothed sooner and as a result is happier. Babies are prone to getting cold, and damp skin and hair does not help.Longer lasting, better value Whilst smaller towels are fine for new borns, they soon grow! Cehuaro towels are a generous 36" x 36" size to ensure that those arms and legs can be wrapped up to keep baby cosy. There is also no need to buy bigger towels when baby becomes toddler - saving you time, money and helping to protect the environment. This set includes a matching 10" x 10" washcloth in the same fabric, for gentle washing or drying of little faces.Bamboo benefits On our quest for finding the perfect towel material, we found that bamboo ticked all the right boxes. As well as being super soft, bamboo's natural antibacterial properties allow it to stay fresher for longer. It is not irritating to delicate skin, wicks moisture away quickly, and is thermo controlling for comfort in all temperatures. With plastic contamination of water becoming a big problem, be rest assured that bamboo is biodegradable. It also requires little land or water to grow, and does not need fertilisers or pesticides.Enjoyable bathtimes, restful sleep Treat baby to sumptuous bath time comfort. The grey ears help make bath routine enjoyable, promoting restful sleep. Gift boxed, this set will also make for a wonderful gender neutral baby shower or registry gift.

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