Magnetic Building Block Set for Kids (98-Pieces) Campaign


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Magnetic Building Block Set for Kids (98-Pieces)

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Product Details
• Engaging, Innovative Play – Young children of all ages can create and build cars, houses, dogs and tons of fun, imaginative creations at home or school.
• Early Learning Support – Building blocks help kids develop social and motor skills as well as reinforcing counting, math, sensory, and reasoning ability.
• Fun, Unique Shapes – Each 98-piece set comes complete with triangles, squares, circle wheels, and more; all to give boys and girls the ability to expand their play.
• School Age & Up – Ideal for children ages 3+, our colorful children’s building block sets are made of nontoxic plastic that’s safe for little hands.
• Easy to Build, Easy to Love – SMARTOYS magnetic blocks stick together easily and more effectively thanks to neodymium rare-Earth magnets inside. Product Description:
Children will love building and creating towering castles, quirky cars, and adorable houses with this 98-piece set of magnetic blocks from SMARTOYS!
Building blocks have long been a way for children to express their creativity and share their enjoyment for building their own unique inventions. And while Lincoln Logs or Legos have their limitations, let them quickly and easily build, destroy, and build again with quick, easy fun!
Kid Safe, Parent Approved
These nontoxic plastic building blocks are built around rare-Earth magnets which allow them to “snap” together in wildly new designs and structures you can’t get with square blocks or long wooden toys. Better yet, they let children expand their ability to be unique and creative while improving their fine motor skills, social confidence, and imaginative play.
Product Details:
  • 98-Piece Magnetic Building Block Set
    Nontoxic ABS Plastic
    Shapes Include Triangles, Trapezoids, Squares, Wheels and More
    Supports Early Learning
    Unisex (Boys and Girls)
    Ages: 3+
    Satisfaction Guaranteed

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