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Makeup Brushes, TianQin WY 10 Pcs Makeup Brush Set Kabuki Brush Cosmetic Foundation Blending Blush Face Powder Brush, Cosmetic Brush Kit, Pink

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TianQin WY Premium Synthetic Make up Brushes Set-Amazing Quality & Great Price& high level after-sale service! Materials: All makeup brushes are made of performance alloy ,Premium Synthetic fiber . Handle Material:Wood. 1 Make up brush set for Professional & Home use .Easy to carry,suitable for travel.Gorgeous gift for lover and friends.Cruelty free. Amazon is responsible for delivering,Faster and more safety to meet your needs. Package list: 1x Angled brush 1x Flat angled brush 1x Flat brush 1x Round brush 1x Tapered brush 1x Small angled brush 1x Small flat angled brus 1x Small flat blush brush 1x Small round brush 1x Small tapered brush How to clean TianQin WY Makeup brushes? 1. Run the bristles of the brush under warm running water and do not soak as the water may loosen the glue binding or damage the handles. 2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to the bristles and work into a light lather.(baby shampoo,mild soap and olive oil is ok) 3. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. 4. Gently squeeze the water from your brush and return the bristles to their natural shape before laying them flat to air-dry on a towel. 5. For the quickest air-dry, place them on a dry, clean towel or a lint-free surface. 6.Avoid using the brushes till they are fully dry. NOTE:Do not place the brushes under electric or other dryers as it can end up ruining your professional makeup tool.

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