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MEIZHI Smell Proof Bag Black Plant Germination Bag 11x6 for Herbs, Spices, Tea, Anything with Strong Odor, Activated Carbon Lining, Odor Absorbing, Water Resistant Black Smell Proof Bag

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Categories: Gifts , Cooking , Garden
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Product Details
  • 100% Smells-proof – MEIZHI Smell Proof Bag/Pouch uses excellent activated carbon fiber lining to trap in all strong odors and you can put anything with strong odor inside. You can take it to anywhere without stinking up your clothes and room.
    Double Velcro Closure & Two Pull Bars - No zippers. MEIZHI Smell Proof Bag/Pouch has innovative double Velcro which prevent anything from falling down and two pull bars which can easily open and close for users.
    Truly Discreet – No Logo – What is truly discreet? MEIZHI Smell Proof Bag/Pouch do not draw anything, such as Logo, attention. There is not minimal logo and unwanted attention. The maximum extent can protect your private matters and nobody suspect or has any ideas what is inside your bag.
    8-layer Protection – MEIZHI smell proof bag/pouch has 8-layer protection. They are protective netting, non-woven fabrics, activated carbon, sponge filter, thermal foil and high-quality water-proof nylon. In order to improving the performance of bag/pouch, MEIZHI smell proof bag/pouch has three layers of non-woven fabrics and one layer of activated carbon lining filter for keeping strong odors sealed tightly inside your bag.
    MEIZHI 100% Money Back Guarantee – Returning unconditionally within 30 days for our customers. This is customers’ no-risk purchase. Perfectly work for herbs, spices, tea, anything with strong odor. It is a great birthday gift, holiday present and anniversary gift.

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