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Money Belt - Travel Belt - Passport Belt - Hidden Passport Holder - Rfid Money Belt - Travel Money Belt for Women and Men - Cash Money Belt Pouch - Rfid Waist Pack - Premium Waterproof Waist Stash

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Categories: Sporting Goods , Travel Accessories , Fashion
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Product Details
When traveling to the airport, you have so many items to carry in your hands and the last thing you want to do is to dig for your passport or boarding pass in one of your bags. With the concealed money pouch, you won’t hold up people behind you while you are searching for your paperwork.

Due to the metal zippers, you need to remove the belt at the airport when going through the line; it is easy to do this as it has a plastic quick-release buckle on the front.
Runners and all other active people will enjoy their hands-free experience, keeping all their essentials safe. Also, the belt pack is made of a material which is splash-proof, so you don’t need to be afraid that your phone will get wet even if you like to run in the rain. As the majority of people love to listen to music while running, we made a special rubber slot for your headphones.
The money travel pouch has two large pockets, which are perfect for your documents, passport, money and cards, and one small inner pocket for change. The size of the waist pocket is 25.5 x 14 cm. The money travel belt has an adjustable strap, which allows all members of your family to wear it when they need to. It's sleek and stylish and goes well with workout clothes.

The backside of the belt is made of a breathable fabric which won’t irritate your skin if you decide to wear the belt under your clothes.
The money belt has an RFID-blocking function, which means you don’t need to be afraid that someone will read your credit card details or steal your identity.
To boost your safety, the money belt comes with two RFID-blocking sleeves: one for your passport, and a second for a credit card.

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