Multi-Purpose Colorful Creative Modern Ceiling Lamp Campaign

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Multi-Purpose Colorful Creative Modern Ceiling Lamp

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Product Details
  •  Wall lamp using the high-grade chip light source, energy saving, color is perfect, use a long time.
     Wall lamp is very mini, so do not consider the wall decoration space. But the light effect is very good, light distribution evenly.
    This practical LED wall lamp can also be installed on the ceiling as a ceiling lamp, the installation of more than 2 more effective.
    This is a color LED wall lamp, the price is very appropriate. We offer you three colors: white, warm yellow, colored light.
    Space: bedroom, living room, TV wall, entrance, aisle, balcony, ceiling, hotel, restaurant, bar, club, Christmas / Halloween / Thanksgiving and other festive decorations.

    N.B: This offer doesn't cover shipping cost.

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