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Multi-Use Nursing & Car Seat Cover - Can be used as Shopping Cart Cover, High Chair Cover and Infinity Scarf - Breathable and Stretchy

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This amazing 5 in 1 car seat cover can serve you as a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, high chair cover and as a sleek infinity scarf! The stretchy fabric makes it highly versatile and super easy to use. You can simply place it within a minute and it also allows for easy access while nursing or breastfeeding. The Soft, Non-Scratchy Fabric is perfect for all-season use from germs, strangers, wind, cold and warm weather. Easily stretches onto your car seat when used as a canopy. Allows you to easily see or access your baby while breastfeeding / nursing. Can even be worn as an Infinity Scarf when not in use! Easily peek in on your little one and never have to wonder how they're doing. Each Multi Use Cover is made from a high quality rayon blend fabric that stretches comfortably around your child's car seat. Intended for year-round use, our special blend fabric is breathable for summer, yet capable of cutting down on the wind during cooler winter months. Soft, stretchy, and able to provide 360 degrees of modesty while mothers breast feed in public. Unlike the traditional nursing cover that resembles a decorative towel, our Multi Use Cover will stay in place and provide a snug environment for your nursing baby. Mothers can wear it with one arm out of the cover, or both arms in depending on your preference. Nursing with one arm out is perfect when your out at a restaurant or multi-tasking like a super mom! Everyone knows the grocery store carts are used and abused. The disinfecting wipes are step one, but adding another barrier of protection against germs definitely doesn't hurt! Our high quality nursing cover for babies, with its quality design and highly versatile nature is bound to be an instant favorite gift for any baby shower. It's something that will be used day after day and it's an essential baby accessory that every mother needs. Click Add To Cart now and grab it while you still can!

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