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Natura BCAA

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Natura BCAA Enhances Muscle Protein Synthesis. Numerous studies, such as one published in The Journal of Nutrition, have shown that BCAAs activate key enzymes in protein synthesis after physical exertion. By increasing the rate of protein synthesis and decreasing the protein degradation rate in muscles, BCAAs provide anabolic effects on protein metabolism. This is especially important for those who exert themselves through exercise or physically intensive jobs, as well as those over the age of 35 when protein synthesis begins to decline.

Natura BCAA Improves Endurance and Strength Training. After careful review of several studies, the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that BCAA supplementation is beneficial during endurance training as the net rate of protein degradation is decreased, depletion of muscle glycogen is delayed, and fatigue is diminished due to decreased tryptophan uptake to the brain. Evidence also suggests supplementation with BCAAs maximize strength results due to improved neuromuscular adaptations.

Natura BCAA Prevents Muscle Loss. After a thorough investigation, the European Journal of Applied Physiology presented a study on the effects of body mass, body composition, and muscle power with supplementation use of BCAAs. They discovered that muscle loss is preventable with its use – especially when the body is deprived of sufficient oxygen.The Journal of Nutrition suggests that supplementation with BCAAs may be useful in the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia (loss of muscle due to the natural aging process).

Natura BCAA Improves Physical and Mental Recovery. Several studies indicate supplementation with BCAAs improves recovery from physical exertion. At the same time, risk of injury or illness is reduced. A recent European journal qualified supplementation advantageous as it decreased pain, muscle damage, perceived exertion, and mental fatigue. They also reported that supplementation improves anabolic response in recovery as well as immune response.

Natura BCAA Increases Fat Loss Support. Published in The Journal of Nutrition, a very large study of 4,429 subjects found that those who supplemented with BCAAs had less body fat, better body composition, and significantly less chances of becoming overweight when compared to those who didn’t supplement.

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