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Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Jumbo Squishy Tooth - Soft & Scented Kawaii Stress Relief Teeth Squishies for Boys, Girls & Adults - Best Mother's Day Gift & Top Fidget Toy for Kids 2018 S...

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Feeling stressed and can't stop fidgeting? The Nutty Toys Jumbo Teeth are here to save you! So how do squishy toys work? Squishies relieve muscle tension through the continuous action of muscle contraction. In addition, squeezing a squishy is also known to be able to regulate breathing which adds to that extra layer of relaxation. And some more info on our product: Our slow rising squishy teeth are 4.3 inches in height and weigh only 49 grams. Made from premium PU foam, the squishies slowly rise back to their initial form even when being squeezed or pinched repeatedly. Our PU foam is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Easy to care for, the toys can be washed with just water and soap and they'll be just like new, but making sure to play with them only when having clean and dry hands is even better. Multi-purpose toys for kids and adults alike. Make a great gift idea for all age groups, from toddlers to teens and all the way to grown men and women. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our slow rising squishies are backed up by our manufacturer with a lifetime warranty. Click on the ADD TO CART button and GET YOUR VERY OWN SUPER SLOW RISING SQUISHY TOOTH NOW!

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