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OlarHike Snorkel Vest, Snorkeling Jacket for Man and Women, Inflatable Life Jacket for Diving Swimming Safety, 220 Lbs, Yellow

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What You Get: 1x Snorkel vest 1x Mesh bag 1x Safety Whistle 1x Universal waterproof case 6 months free return Specifications ※ Color: yellow ※ Folded size: 7.8*9.4 inches ※ Extended size: 20.5 x 3.9 x 15.8 inches ※ Material Type: PVC 40%+Polyester 60% ※ Shipping Weight: 0.55 LB Q&A After we surveyed consumer demand in the market, we made a list of issues most consumers are concern with in hopes of helping you know the snorkel vest further:Q.How do you inflate it? A.Press the button down and inflated it with your mouth in 20 seconds.Q.How do you deflate them?A.There is an inflation tube. Press down the tube and push out the air.Q.Could you please tell me the maximum waist size this vest will fit?A.The entire waist strap is 34 inches.Q.Could you please tell me the maximum weight this vest will withstand?A.This inflatable life vest is suitable for 110-220 lb adults.Q.What kind of water activities can I take with this snorkel vest? A.Group snorkeling, family skiing, swimming, surfing, yachting, rowing, canoeing, water polo, wind surfing, motor boats, water wheels, rubber boating, water trampoline, and any water activities. Seller support OlarHike Guarantee - OlarHike provides a customer friendly 6 months free return and lifetime warranty. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we aim to provide you with a 5-star rated snorkel vest product and 5-star rated support.

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