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OminiHOME USB Car Cool Mist Humidifier 180ml Portable Air Purifier Mini Vehicle Plug-in Quiet Air Freshener for Office Workers/Students/Holiday Gifts

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Product Details
  • Convenient & portable: With bottle-shaped and compact size, it fits most cup holders in the car; as long as there’s portable power, vehicle USB port, PC USB port, computer and machine, it can be driven to output mist anytime and anywhere
    Super quiet operation: It ensures you a comfortable environment ( less than 35db) and works quietly without causing any bothering to your reading time and bedtime
    Two Adjustable Mist Modes: Press the transparent on/off switch. 1st press for continuous mist mode (blue light), it keeps running for 6 hours; 2nd press for intermittent mist mode (red light), it makes mist for 10 seconds,then stops mist for 10 seconds, and then produces mist again
    Easy to clean: The water tank is separated from the main engine part, so you can only take the water tank to clean or refill water in case of watering the whole body
    Auto shut off for safety: It will automatically shut off when water runs out, so you can feel reassured to sleep in night without worrying about safety problem

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