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Electric Bug Zapper Lamp 2 pack is a perfect solution to eliminate mosquitoes. This bug light zapper fits in perfectly with any modern decor and is ideal for office, kitchen, bedroom, nursery ,living room ,dinning room, etc. It is also a great mosquito killer for stock farming or work shops!Oniyo Electric Bug Zapper works without noise and radiation or pollution. This mosquito zapper lamp is also safe for children and pregnant women. Oniyo Electric Fly Killer's Features: ▪ Plug the unit into an AC outlet(110-240V) and switch it on. The electric grid will instantly zap approaching insects! ▪ 4 LEDs bulbs attract flying insects efficiently into electric grid. ▪ The effective coverage of one bug zapper is about 16-18 square meters, so be sure you use enough bug zappers    for your room. ▪ Bug zapper light will be less effective in an environment with strong light, for best results, put use in a dark environment.    Please turn off the light in your room at night and turn on this bug zapper lamp for 1-2 hours before bed. ▪ When not in use, Switch bug zapper off and pull the plug out of the socket, clean bug zapper regularly. Use a screwdriver   to touch the metal plate for 5 seconds to ensure release of static electricity before cleaning. Warning: ▪ Please keep the insect killer away from children. ▪ Please ensure the local voltage is suitable for mosquito zapper before use. ▪ Powerful Electronic Insect Killer For Indoor Use Only. ▪ Before cleaning, make sure bug zapper is unplugged and then touch metal plate with a screw driver to ensure release of   static electricity. ▪ DO NOT touch the electric grid inside when bug zapper is turning on. ▪ DO NOT touch or wash the mosquito zapper until it cools down.

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