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Oregano Essential Oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade for Skin, Colds, Toenail Fungus, Candida Symptoms - 10ml

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Aroma First scent of Oregano’s aroma leaves a strong impression, its sharp herbaceous essence exudes an attractive dimension on oil blends with carrier oils.   Key Benefits                                   Oregano oil is capable to mitigate side effects inflicted from chemical drugs. Oregano is a super-antioxidant purposed to boost energy level. Often used to fight congestions of all sorts, Oregano essential oil is conventionally utilised as a staple remedy to relieve stuffy nose or sinuses. As well as an effective antifungal, oregano oil provides a soothing treatment to Athlete’s Foot condition. Besides its medicinal benefits, when applied topically or diffused, Gya Labs™ Oregano Essential Oil enacts the function of insect repellents.   Uses A few drops of oregano go a long way, mix with few drops of a couple of other carrier oils into warm water and soak feet twice daily for better results. Formulate a natural home DIY remedy with Gya Labs™ Oregano Essential Oil, for alleviating sinuses and congestion combine 3 – 4 drops along with equal ratio of chamomile and jojoba oil for an aromatic steamy relief. Works well in either bath or for diffusing. Dilute oregano oil with coconut oil to boost healing process when apply topically.

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