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Pestrax Electronic Rodent Trap for Rats, Mice, Squirrels & Humane Safe Exterminating - Best Pest Control Mouse Zapper & Repellent Eliminator - UPGRADED VERSION (Batteries Included)

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HOW DOES IT WORK? Our Electronic rodent traps detect the presence of a rodent via metal plates on the floor of the trap, then deliver a lethal dose of high-voltage electricity stepped up from batteries to several thousand volts. We recommend placing a piece of peanut butter into the trap to attract the rodent. Each Battery operator gives you 30 kills.HUMANE SAFE TECHNOLOGY: Our Electronic Rodent Zapper was manufactured with the Smart Circuit Technology which senses if the rodent entered the trap and kills it immediately. It also generates the electric shock for about three minutes, as a precaution if the electricity didn't hit the rodent the first time.LIGHT INDICATOR: A remote indicator tells you when the trap has operated, with a flashing LED light. When the device catches a rodent, the red light will start flashing. When the kill is complete, the red light will stop and the green light will blink. Do not touch the device until the red flashing stops and the green light is flashing. When placed on high places, the LED light on the extension cord will flash after the rodents are electrocuted. Additional feature: Battery replacement notification by blinking red and green light.HYGIENIC, NO-TOUCH DISPOSAL: No need to touch or see the killed rodent, just open the trap and dispose into the trash.Item Specs: Voltage: 6V 1000 mAh or 4 Alkaline D Cell Batteries Voltage output: Approximately 7000VWARNING: This device emits a high voltage shock. DO NOT allow children to play with, have access to, or be in proximity to this device. If a small or newborn pet can enter this product, it may be fatal. Individuals with heart conditions or similar ailments should exercise particular care when using this product. Never insert hands or any held object into the chamber unless the power is turned off and the batteries are removed.

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