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Pet Carrier for Dog and Cats, Airline Approved Bag, Travel Collapsible for Small Puppy Up to 15lbs, Soft Side Dog Crate, Portable Kennel for Puppies, Newest Color

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Color:Brown+Green Aivituvin Foldable Soft Pet Travel Carrier ● Size:17.5"L x 11"W x 11"H, suitable for pet up to 15 lbs● Folding size: 17.5"L x 11"W x1.96"H. Net weight: just 2 lbs ● This soft-sided travel pet carrier will help your pet arrive safety and comfortaby when traveling by PLANE or Car or for family vacations, trips, vet visits. All About Comfort ● We set out to design the comfiest pet carrier bag there is – one that keeps your little furry friend in pet bliss all through the trip.● Ample mesh ventilation not only provides adequate airflow, but also easy viewing--perfect for your pet to look out and for you to check on your pet. Cleaning is No Problem ● The cozy fleece pet bed can be completely removed and machine-washed; the carrier should be hand wash and air dry only. Safety Info● Please make sure the carrier has been zipped up completely when your pet in it. It also comes with a secure tether which will prevent your pets from escape. ● When traveling in a car, be sure to secure the carrier to the seat of car by seatbelt only. ● Please contact with airline before flying with your pet to avoid needless trouble and affect your trip. In the box ● Soft-sided pet carrier● Adjustable shoulder strap ● Fleece pet bed WARRANTY:● We are proud to offer our customers a 10-Year Guarantee on your purchase.AIVITUVIN are professional pet carrier and pet houses manufacturer for 15 years!We share the value that your pet is very important member of the family! We try best to produce out the most high quality and valuable pet products so that you can share every beautiful moment with your puppy!

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