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Pet Seat Covers - Back Seat Cover For Dogs - Pet Seat Cover for Cars Trucks and SUVs - 600D Polyester 100% Waterproof - Heavy-Duty Build & Non-Slip Backing - Pet Seat Hammock by Drabday

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Categories: Pets , Automotive , Dogs
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DRABDAY Car Seat Covers for Dogs - Triple layer padded seat cover protects your car seat from fur, dirt, mud, scratches, etc. - Advanced hammock feature to keep your pet off from jumping on to the front seat or dirtying the car floor - Adjustable straps fit it perfectly on the seat - easy to fix and remove - Comes with side flaps to protect the doors as well - the side flaps can be folded in if you don't wish to use them - Comes with velcro openings to fit in the seat belts such that there is no compromise on safety - These are made of high-quality durable materials - no need to replace every now and then - The anti-slip backing keeps the cover in place so the seat remains well protected - moreover, its surface prevents dog from slipping, sliding & falling over - a comfortable ride for the dog too - Easy to clean and dry - use a vacuum cleaner, hose or even a wet cloth to wipe them clean.

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