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Petslux - Pet Grooming Glove - Pet Hair Remover 50% Off

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Functional Animal Grooming Glove Do you own a pet? Are you tired of chasing them around when it is time to bathe or groom them? Why not make all this history with PetsLux's 2-in-1 grooming glove? Depending on your needs, you can use it as a grooming glove to massage or bathe your pet, or as a hair remover to ensure your furniture is free from pet hair. It is also perfectly designed for easy and convenient use irrespective of whether your pet has long or short hairs. Best Quality in the Market Apart from being a functional grooming glove for your dog and cat, it is made with the highest quality materials that make it the best in the market. The silica gel used to make it is soft but highly durable, and will give you extensive use. Your pets will look forward to your grooming sessions. Here is why this is the best buy you will make: - Features a 2-in-1 design - Is of premium quality - Great for all types of pet hair - Cleans easily - Excellent quality and durability Count on PetsLux to provide you with the best solutions for your pet grooming needs. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

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