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PGH Travel Neck Pillow - Black Velour Cover - Extra Blue Cover

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Do you need neck support during entire flight or car trip, looking for soft pillows or just travel pillow memory foam, want to find a neck rest pillow to reduce your neck pain?
Have you tried neck memory foam for plane travel in the past and found them very convenient but need travel pillow set including neck travel pillow, 2 traveling pillow covers and travel pillowcase?
We have an incredible solution to all your problems: PGH TRAVEL PILLOW
 - Helps ensure relaxed neck and head posture when you sleep during travel - a well-supported neck allows for a comfortable sleep
- Upright neck also means unobstructed airways and helps eliminate snoring - Made up of a high-performance memory foam which provides and an extremely comfortable resting surface for your neck/head and is sure to retain its high resilience, softness and ability to gradually rebound - Highly breathable material which doesn't get heated up, remains new-like for years and discourages growth of any odor causing bacteria
- Optimal size ensures that it is big enough to conveniently support your neck & small enough to fit into a small space in your backpack
- Comes with a Free carry bag that makes it easy to store & convenient to carry along
- Has adjustable & easy to use toggles on strings, which make it easy to adjust the pillow as per your comfort and hold it in position

We also offer you 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! So, why think twice?
ORDER NOW & Get this incredible Travel Neck Pillow and FREE Extra Blue Velour Cover to Sleep Comfortably During Travel!

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