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PINGKO Walking Pedometer Accurately Track Steps Portable Sport Pedometer Step/distance/calories/ Counter Fitness Tracker, Calorie Counter-Red

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Product Details

How to get fit and healthy, stay motivated and reach your fitness goals by taking more steps each day

The PINGKO Walking Pedometer helps you to track your activity throughout the day and achieve your fitness goals. You will soon see how your steps add up while also encouraging you to do more, walk further each day and set bigger goals.

Track Your Activity Accurately Everywhere You Go

Features advanced tri-axis walk sensor technology so that you can attach the pedometer to anywhere comfortable - clip to your hip, inside a pocket, bag or purse using the detachable strong clip and strap so you can forget about it while it accurately monitors your daily activity.Walk Sensor technology - to avoid counting sudden movements as steps, the counter will not count any movement less than 10 consecutive steps.This is outdoor sports pedometer,designed for continuous exercise,slight movement is not count. It did count the steps to check the accuracy and it was spot on!.

Monitor Everything

Measure the daily steps taken, count calories burned, track distance walked in miles or kilometres.

How to change it from kilometers to miles:

Under any mode,press and hold the MODE button until the display blink and digits revert back to zero.Then press and hold about five seconds it will appears mile.It comes with a "AG13" battery

Attention :

1.Please make sure when using it the pedometer is has the buttons facing the ground. If you clip it on you side ways or upside down it will not count anything.2.The paces are detected via the movement of the waist. For accurate reading, mount the unit closer to the center of the body.3.The principle of pedometer is to count by shaking, so there will be the gentle sound in the machine (the sound is very light, hanging in the body is not heard).4.Please gently pull out entire the white plastic tag before use.Make sure the tag won't tear in a half when you pull it out !

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