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PLA 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm (1kg) | Bubble-Free Smooth & Tough Three D Printer Spool Strands | Eco-Friendly Plastic Fillament Refill for MakerBot, RepRap, Creatr, Felix & More (White)

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COMPLEMENT YOUR 3D PRINTER WITH THE BEST 3D FILAMENT SPOOL Epitome of Quality Print out impressive designs every time with the smoothest extruding PLA filament. Made with the highest-quality materials, produced under strict quality control, and vacuum sealed to keep moisture at bay, our PLA 1.75mm filament ensures your print outs are bubble-free and extra strong while protecting your 3D printer by preventing jamming. This 3D printing filament has passed CQC, CE and UL certification of the United States and comes with a hard-to-find lifetime guarantee that makes every purchase completely risk-free. Eco-Friendly Sensibility Make 3D printing an eco-conscious affair with our non-toxic PLA filament spool. We've created it using highly renewable and biodegradable sources such as corn or starch, and used toxin-free inks that never spread out any poisonous materials when disposed of. Available in white, black, red, green and blue, these spools are the best choice for anyone looking to dive into the exciting world of 3D printing without causing any harm to the environment. Here's what distinguishes our PLA 3D printer spool filaments: - Tangle-free and round filaments easily feed into your printer. - Compatible with most 3D printers even those without heating beds. - Unmatched interlayer adhesion gives your print outs extra strength. - Feature a low extrusion temperature of 195-210C (383-410F). - Produces an unmatched accuracy of +/-0.03mm for precision. - Smooth flow prevents any warping or formation of bubbles. Create the most elaborate designs with the strongest and smoothest flowing 1.75mm filament strands for your 3D printer.

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