Play & Learn Toddler Activities Book: 200+ Fun Activities for Early Learning Campaign

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Play & Learn Toddler Activities Book: 200+ Fun Activities for Early Learning

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Educator, parent, and toddler approved—200+ fun, educational toddler activities to establish key learning skills at each developmental milestone.When you play with your toddler they learn essential skills that they don’t learn alone. That’s why former teacher turned stay-at-home mom, Angela Thayer, filled The Play & Learn Toddler Activities Book with more than 200 toddler activities specifically meant for you and your little one to play and learn together. With toddler activities that reinforce critical skills for each stage of learning, your toddler will learn to make connections, solve problems, and practice language skills while spending meaningful time with you.The Play & Learn Toddler Activities Book includes:An overview of toddler development to help you determine your child’s level of readiness for particular toddler activitiesOver 200 fun toddler activities for children ages 12 months to 3 years, divided by learning category and complete with materials lists, activity times, prep times, and messiness ratingsActivity classification icons to quickly identify which type of learning is associated with each of the toddler activitiesFrom making bubble wrap art to growing a garden in a bag, The Play & Learn Toddler Activities Book will provide hours of educational fun that both you and your toddler will enjoy.

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