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Portable Shoe Dryer

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Categories: Shoes , Travel Accessories
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Wear Dry Shoes All The Time
Problem with wet shoes due to the rainy season? The Portable Shoe Dryer won't let you wear your shoes while still wet. It dries up shoes in the fastest time possible. With its UV disinfectant feature, it omits perspiration, bacteria, and mildew caused by rain waters on your shoes. These bacterias are the reason for smelly feet. Bring it with you in all of your travel.
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Features & Description
  • Quick drying up of shoes
    Shoes Dryer UV Disinfectant Warmer suitable for all types of shoes.
    Eliminates odors caused by perspiration, bacteria, and mildew.
    On the cloudy or rainy day, sterilize, dry, deodorize and warm your shoes!
    Compact and portable, good for on a business trip or travel.

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