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Power Strip Build in Travel Adapter with 2 USB Ports - Power Socket with 2 Meter Extension Cable. Cube Design Charging Station

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Categories: Mobile / Tablet / Apps
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Retail Price: $19.99 $7.99

Product Details
Adapt to Different Power Output. US AU UK EU CN Standard Switches Vertical Electrical Power Cube
ABS+ PC Inflaming Retarding, fireproofing. Copper Wire 0.75 Natural Standard of Copper
Multiple Device Compatible. Switch USB Power Strip.
Useful to the Friend and Family Member. Heavy Duty. Use Multiple Devices.
3 Sockets. 2 USB Port. Heavy Duty. US Canada 3 Pin Plug. 2 Meter Extension Cord.
  • High-Temperature Resistance
    Shock Resistance Materials. Up TO 750 Degree.
    Flame Retardant Alloy Materiel.
    Please Place Where Children Can't Reach.
    Extension Cord: 2 Meter(6.5 Feet)
    Max Power 2500W.
    Certificate: CE.
Why should you consider this product?
Achoro power socket with extension cord supports 3 wall plug and provide simultaneously power source electronics devices such as computer, printer, scanner, etc. In addition, socket support international adapter, so you don't have to worry about buying an additional adapter if you are owning electronics devices outside of the United States. This power socket offers 2 additional USB output to charge the smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc without requiring 2 addition wall plug.

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