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Premium Natural Home Spa Kit – Konjac Sponge, Loofah Pad, Back Scrubber, Wooden Facial Brush, Foot Scrub Brush Pumice Lava Stone & Body Wash Sponge. Exfoliate, Dry Brushing, Detox in stor...

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Make any day a spa day! Who wouldn't love to spa treatments every week? With Healthy Home Helper you can, minus the costly price tag! Our set of 6 all natural brushes and sponges, lets you bring the benefits of the spa to your home. Just be careful, you might want to turn every night into spa night! Grab the bundle that's bursting with benefits! Crafted from nature's best, we created this set with you and your family in mind. Every tool in our 6-piece set is designed to make a unique contribution to you and your family's daily routine: ◊ Facial Brush - Boar bristle hair brush unclogs pores, plumps, and doubles as a dry brushing body brush ◊ Konjac Sponge - Natural sponge infused with pH balancing charcoal cleanses and gently exfoliates sensitive and acne-prone skin ◊ Body Sponge - Flax and cotton form a great lather to wash your whole body ◊ Exfoliating Loofah Pad - Loofah fibers and terry provide deep exfoliation, stimulate circulation, and may help reduce cellulite ◊ Back Scrubber - Flax cotton blend in the perfect shape to easily get your entire back squeaky clean ◊ Foot Stone - Wood, volcanic rock, and boar bristles combine to give you an at home foot spa like no other Your secret to holistic health! There's so much more to a healthy lifestyle than eating nutritious food and going to the gym. Taking time for self care, paying attention to the materials in our homes, and spending quality time with loved ones are also essential to achieving optimal wellbeing both inside and out. Look great and feel fantastic when you give yourself the attention you deserve. And with Healthy Home Helper's spa set it's easier than ever. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for that special someone or a little self indulgence, add Healthy Home Helper to your cart NOW and watch the stress melt away!

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