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Pretend Play Kitchen Food Truck - with Lights & Sounds Includes Play Food, Cutting Fruits, Dishes, Pots, & Play Money! For Toddlers/Boys/Girls

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The FUNERICA Fast Food Kitchen Truck is way more than a simple play food truck!Play with fruits, food, pots, cups, dishes and even cash play money, while driving around, greeting customers and accepting orders! And that's just the beginning.Includes: · 1 Food Bus (easy to assemble, no tools required), · 2 pots· 2 pot covers· 1 pan· 2 spoons· 2 knifes· 1 fork· 1 spatula· 1 tap· 2 dish· 1 corn· 2 ham· 1 carrot· 1 cheese· 1 milk bottle· 1 x fried egg· 10 play money cash · 1 x sticker sheet· Apple· Orange· Banana· Kiwi· Strawberry· Starfruit· and a child-safe knife & cutting board!Fruits are bright and with real-life colors + the fruits can be sliced and come apart with Velcro! The "cutting" makes a chopping noise because of the Velcro holding it together. And Yeah, kids just 'Love' slicing sounds...! Endless Opportunities for Hours of Fun!As long as your kid has an imaginative mind, the possibilities with this wheeled toy are endless!From the cuttable play fruits that make a slicing sound when you chop them up to the actual money that your kid can accept from customers, this is an all-around essential game set for your boy or girl! Educational & Fun at The Same Time!Educational, learning toys should never be boring, otherwise, no kid will play with them!That's why we went the extra mile and created a toy set that fuses imaginative and creative thinking with social interaction and math skills that your kid will absolutely love! 5 + 1 Reasons Why This Educative Pretend Play Toy Is a Keeper:· Profound imaginative play!· Learn through games!· Ameliorate critical thinking.· Develop fine motor skills.· So much in one set!· Endless pretend play.Your little one deserves this awesome 3 in 1 Play Set!Scroll Up & Click Add to Cart Now!

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