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Pretend Play Vegetables Play Table - Cuttable Play Fruits and Veggies - Plates and more | 23" Table can fold into a Storage Suitcase! Makes a Great Gift for Young Girls

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Bring Pretend Play to Life with A FUNERICA '2 in 1' Play Table! Do your kids ... ... love cool, interactive and fun learning toys? ... show an interest in being like Mom, slicing fruits, serving plates? Well, you have just found the ultimate educational toy for your little ones. With no tools for assembly at all, this easy-to-fold play table set is ready to go. The little kids will learn fast how to take apart the table and re-assmble it, it's super easy, and fun! Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, kids, and your little explorer. Explore the Multi-purpose Nature of the FUNERICA Play Table! Kids are imaginative, explorative creatures. They love to use their minds to create brilliant settings and scenes to play in, and the only thing that can make their adventures better is having toys that allow them to bring these ideas to life. For children who love to play restaurant or cooking games, there is no better present than the FUNERICA 2 in 1 Play Table and suitcase with The Healthy Cutable Fruits and veggies. This playset is designed specifically that even babies and toddlers can enjoy and keep their imaginations going for hours on end. The FUNERICA 2 in 1 ultra-fun play set is the perfect choice for toddlers and young kids who love to help their parents in the kitchen and thereby makes an excellent gift for the holidays, a birthday or just as an anytime gift! 5 + 1 Reasons Why This Educative Pretend Toy-food set is a Keeper: · Profound imaginative play! · Learn through games! · Ameliorate critical thinking. · Develop fine motor skills. · So much in one set! · Endless fun with this pretend play table. What are you waiting for? Your little one deserves this awesome Play Set! Add it to Cart Now!

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