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Profivex 8.5 oz Clinical Strength Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats with 5 Strains & 5 Billion CFUs per Scoop, Two Prebiotics & Sweet Potato for added Fiber & Digestive Support

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Product Details
Profivex is a clinical strength probiotic supplement for dogs and cats that supports a healthy digestive tract and immune system. It includes FIVE of the most beneficial probiotic strains in dogs and cats and FIVE Billions CFUs per scoop! Profivex is also fortified with two prebiotics including FOS and Sweet Potato to add a beneficial amount of fiber and nutrients to your pet's diet everyday. Profivex is made with the highest quality and quantity of probiotics in a raw and unprocessed form to yield the highest results and is veterinary recommended and formulated. With all of these benefits your pet will be giving you a high five for Profivex!

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