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  • Canada, United Kingdom, India, United States    

Campaign Details

PU Leather Car Neck Pillow Pad Breathable Chair Headrest Seat Cushion Nap Pillow Automotive Occipital with Memory Foam

Campaign ID: C99024
Categories: Travel Accessories , Automotive , Health
Shipping Method: Coupon Code (non-Amazon websites)
Retail Price: $126 $37.8

Product Details
Material: Artificial Leather
Filling Material: Synthetic Fiber
Material: PU leather + memory foam + dacron
Type: High Quality Car Neck Pillow Car Headrest
Size: 27*27.5*14.5cm / 10.6*10.8*5.7"(L*W*H)
Please Allow 2 To 6 Weeks For Delivery

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