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Quick Dry Compression Shorts Tights Men's Cool Elastic Performance BaseLayer Leggings Pants Under Layer for Cycling Running Gym Workout Bodybuilding Basketball (US Size) (L)

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Quick Dry The compression shorts made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex, compare to other mens tights, it will absorb the sweat in seconds, keep you cool and dry during the sports or workout. Compression and Fast Recovery This workout shorts compression level 18-25mmHG, provide strong support to your hip and thigh, and reduce the muscle fatigue, improve your sport performance. The elastic feature will help relief from the sore muscles, you can wear it as base layer over night. Unique Breathable Mesh lining As we know, there are many compression shorts on the market, so why Parateck compression shorts pants is unique - The soft mesh lining go through the lateral thigh, hip, and also the mesh hidden pockets on the lower back. The soft touch feeling of the under layer will protect your skin from chafing, and the mesh lining is features 2-way air circulation, super breathable and heat radiating. Fadeless We recommend you hand wash the compress pants under 30℃ without softeners, and hang to air dry (No washing machine, no dryer). US Size Please choose the correct size compression leggings refer to the pictures. Package include 1 * quick dry compression pants

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