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RANDEMFY Pack of 4 Spiky Massage Balls Healthy Model Life-Highly Recommended for Plantar Fasciitis,Muscle Recovery,Myofascial Release, Foot Hand and Back Porcupine Sensory Ball 3inch Set

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READY TO EXPERIENCE COMPLETE DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE RELAXATION? The best tool for effective massage and muscle soreness relief. WHY USE THE POINTED MASSAGE BALL? We experience pain, stress, plantar fasciitis, sore muscles, warm-up before exercises every day. Let's grab a ball today to release all. Ultra firmness and trigger point massage effect on Plantar Fasciitis, hamstrings, quads, pectoral muscles, biceps & triceps , forearms, wrist, feet, Calves, shoulders, hamstrings, abdomen, buttocks, upper and lower back, deltoids & neck . Each set contains 4 x 2.6" Massage Balls: Red, Blue, Yellow,Purple So order right now and when you do consider getting 4, share with your family or best friends.

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