Reddot Shooting Targets - 12 inch Splatter Reactive Paper Targets (12) Campaign

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Reddot Shooting Targets - 12 inch Splatter Reactive Paper Targets Fluorescent Yellow Upon Impact Gun Rifle Pistol AirSoft BB Gun Pellet Gun Air Rifle (12)

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Reddot Shooting Targets Reddot Shooting Targets are ideal for shoot training in any circumstance. Great Visual Experience Reddot Shooting target is designed for better shooting feeling,so florescent green splash effect is injected as a brand new element when the bullet hits the target.You will feel excited with this character in the shoot training. Humanistic Concept The shooting targets with large size are not self-adhesive.In order to avoid possible curling up in the course of shooting,we prepare some double-sided adhesive tapes to solve this problem.Reddot is devoted to give you better shooting experience. Remarkable Visibility The color of the shooting target is bright which makes you to see and lock the target easily.Moreover,owing to florescent green splash effect,you can check the fall points of your bullets with no difficulty. Widely Application Extensive application is another feature of the shooting target.Almost all the firearms with different calibers are considered,including Gun,Rifle,Pistol,Airsoft,BB Gun,Pellet Gun and Air Rifle. High Quality The shooting target is made by high-quality paper which comes from 100% original ecology bamboos. To guarantee quality, we test every target one by one to make sure that all the targets reach the standard. What you get 4 repair patches per target. 3 double-sided adhesive tapes per target.

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