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Resin Jelwery Mold, Coaster Mold

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Product Details
5 Pack Big Design Resin Molds
-Made of transparent,durable,flexible silicone,easy to release and reusable
- Round Mold: 8 cm /3.15 inch in Diameter, 7mm in Depth
- Square Mold: 9.8 cm/3.86 inch in Side, 7mm in Depth
- Ellipse Mold: 9.4 cm/3.7 inch in Long Axis, 6 cm/2.36 inch in short axis, 7mm in Depth
- Big Rectangle Mold: 11.9 cm/4.68 inch in Length, 7.8 cm/3.07 inch in Width, 7mm in Depth
- Small Rectangle Mold: 6cm/2.36 inch in Length, 4 cm/1.57 inch in Width, 5mm in Depth

A4 Silicone Sheet
- Made of durable,flexible silicone, reusable
- Silicone sheet can be utilized many times both sides, protect your working surface 
- Just peel off them when the spilled glue solidification

Come with a useful Tweezer
- Can be used to add and adjust your favorite photos and elements, simple & useful

Package Includes 
1 x Round Mold 
1 x Square Mold
1 x Square Mold
1 x Ellipse Mold
1 x Big Rectangle Mold 
1 x Small Rectangle Mold
1 x Silicone Sheet

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