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Reusable Hot Cold Gel Pack Wrap - Reusable Large Ice Heat Gel Compress Belt Cuff Sleeve Cover Pain Relief Heat Therapy Microwaveable for Back Backache, Waist, Cramp, Shoulder

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Product Details
Large luxury hot cold packs are perfect for treating most soft tissue injuries as well as headaches and toothaches.
Check out the benefits:
- Really easy to use: each pack has instructions printed on it so you don't need to hunt for the instructions every time.
- Large size: 13 x 23cm hot/ cold packs so large enough for most uses.
- Reusable and reliable - they keep going for years.
- Soft and pliable: made of high quality nylon they are comfortable to use and very flexible.
-Hot cold packs slide easily into the wraps and the adjustable velcro straps hold them in place leaving your hands free.
- Drug-free, highly effective treatment of aches, pains and swelling.
What's included:
1 x large hot and cold pack
1 x fabric wrap/ belt for waist, back or shoulder with velcro fasteners to fit waist up to 122cm
Evanmore hot and cold packs are the ideal drug-free way to treat aches and pains and most soft tissue injuries!

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